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Open Flair Festival 2011

Open Flair 2011

Eschwege, 12.-14. August 2011 Open Flair Festival 2011 in Eschwege Open Flair – Ja klar! Es gibt Open Air Festivals und es gibt das Open Flair Festival. Was zunächst wie eine Wortspielerei anmutet oder nur ein Marketing Gag sein könnte, um sich von anderen Festivals abzuehben, ist in diesem Fall tatsächlich auch Programm. Super Organisation, […]

The Locos @Open Flair 2011

The Locos Open Flair Festival 2011 in Eschwege

August 12th, 2011: Ska-Punk party with The Locos from Madrid, Spain. The first song was played in total darkness and Pipi asked the photographers by mimic of taking pictures why we don’t shoot. Good joke I thought by myself but obviously it was due to some technical problems with the lights. Anyway, the set was […]

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