Bryan Adams @Parkbühne Hannover

June 20th, 2013

Hannover, June 19th 2013: Bryan Adams @Parkbühne Hannover.

The normal rule for photogs for concerts is the welknown three songs no flash rule. Not so at this show.
Only one song allowed to shoot. And only from the right side of the stage. Nobody knows why, also the
the two camera man for the video wall gathered on the right side of the stage in front of us photogs.
All in all from first shot to last it took 3min 10sek to shoot as the first song, House Arrest, was just
a 3min song. Even the lights have been mostly down during the first song. Furthermore Adams hide most of
the 3 min behind his mic and/or behind the neck of his guitar. Very arrogant. At least the concert was
better then his attitude.

Click image to watch Bryan Adams slides …

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