Rise Against @Open Flair 2011

January 20th, 2012

Eschwege, August 14th 2011: Rise Against at Open Flair.
Just a few shots into the show crowd surving started in an immense manner so all photogs had to move out of pit after just three or four minutes. So all I did was shooting crowd surving and arriving in the pit. It was so hefty that the security used a fire engine hose to cool and calm down the crowd. Just to say that the name of festival was program and so was the security. I seldom saw such cool and friendly security guys that earned their respect from their cool behaviour. Everything was save! So just see the slide shows for Rise Against whereas some shoots have been taken from the FOH tower.

Rise Against - Open Flair 2011

Rise Against Open Flair

Please see the following slide show for more images of Rise Against @Open Flair Festival 2011 (you’ll need a flash capable device):
For non flash devices like iPad, iPhone etc. please use the Non flash based slideshow!

2011-08-14 Rise Against – Open Flair 2011 – Images by Ruediger Knuth

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