Iggy & The Stooges

January 4th, 2012

Open Flair Festival 2011

When Iggy & The Stooges played at the Carnegie Hall in March 2010 Iggy Pop – who more or less is the founder of stage diving – he was jumping into the audience as he always did. According to NME Iggy reckoned that the audience were not expecting him to stagedive:

“When I landed it hurt and I made a mental note that Carnegie Hall would be a good place for my last stagedive,” he said. “The audience were just like, ‘What are you doing?'”

Obviously Carnegie Hall wasn’t the place good enough to get burried and to be honest I didn’t expect him to stage dive either at Open Flair when Iggy suddenly throwed away his microphone and jumped without any sign from the highest staircase in front of the stage directly into the audience. I was even too surprised to use the trigger of my camera (though he was jumping into the dark without any lights)! And he could be sure that the fantastic audience at Open Flair will catch him.

Anyway, it was great to see Iggy & The Stooges in good shape delivering still the raw power. In reminiscence to a great show I’ll have a series of b/w images that will display the raw power of Iggy & The Stooges at it’s best.

Iggy & The Stooges b/w from Open Flair 2011

Please see the following slide show for more images of Iggy & The Stooges (you’ll need a flash capable device):
For non flash devices like iPad, iPhone etc. please use the Non flash based slideshow!

2011-08-13 b/w Iggy & The Stooges Open Flair 2011 – Images by Ruediger Knuth

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