Das Pack @Open Flair 2011

January 19th, 2012

August 14th 2011, Eschwege: Das Pack from Hamburg/Germany.
Lot of fun to a certain amount. Riding via rubber boat from one stage to the other with all members of “Monsters of Liedermaching”. A standing drummer, playing flute through the nose and more. To a certain amount as the audience rise the fun to it’s limits by throwing hay (which was used to protect from the muddy ground) onto the stage and instruments. And again crowd surfing security guys who always keep calm and cool. Awesome! Please see the appropriate slide show.

Das Pack

Das Pack

Please see the following slide show for more images of Das Pack @Open Flair Festival 2011 (you’ll need a flash capable device):
For non flash devices like iPad, iPhone etc. please use the Non flash based slideshow!

2011-08-14 Das Pack Open Flair – Images by Ruediger Knuth

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