The Subways @Docks Club Reeperbahn Hamburg

October 18th, 2011

Hot and loud as it should be…!
Finally after releasing their brand new album “Money And Celebrity” at Warner Music The Subways are on tour again. After having them seen in August playing one of the finest smaller open air festivals in Germany, the Open Flair in Eschwege The Subways hit the stage of the Docks club in Hamburgs famous Reeperbahn street.

Mick Jagger once stated after playing a small club in Toronto: “Hot and loud as it should be, I hope they’ll buy some air condition from the money they got”. That statement was coming to my mind while the show was running. Anyway, The Subways are definatly a live band that rocked the house with sheer power. I’m sure everybody who left the house was sweaty to his/her feet.

Billy Lunn

Before the show The Subways have been signing autographs in a record store in the city of Hamburg:

The Subways signing autographs in Hamburg before their gig in the Docks club

We don't need money to have a good time

Please watch the following slide show for more…

2011-10-18 The Subways Docks Hamburg – Images by Ruediger Knuth

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