Waltari from Finland @Meier Music Hall Braunschweig

April 25th, 2011

Waltari from Finland at Meier Music Hall Braunschweig 2011

Jariot Lehtinen and Kärtsy Hatakka - Waltari


On April 21th Waltari from Finland started their 25th anniversary tour 2011 in Germany. To be honest I’ve didn’t know much about Waltari so I looked it up on their myspace. That’s what I gathered their:

(from official myspace:)Waltari are known as the crazy metal rockers from Finland, playing ultimate crossover music. In a musical adventure that began in the early 90’s and dispersed across Europe, Waltari have found a place in the hearts of music lovers everywhere all over the world. Mixing different aspects of rock music tradition, Waltari have crafted totally new combinations.
With a pioneering and open-minded approach, the band has evolved into a melting pot of musical genres, assimilating everything that is current. Internationally acclaimed and known for their powerful stage presence, Waltari has toured Europe on many occasions, lived in Berlin and New York, co-operated with symphony orchestras and Finnish National Ballet, released 11 studio albums and 3 collections… “Ride on – till the Music Nation comes!”

Though the lights at Meier Music Hall are a bit poor some of the images came out well enough. You will find more in the following gallery…


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